Preschool preparation: when to start preparing for school?

What should a preschooler know and be able to do? What skills should a child have before entering school? You will learn the answers to all these questions in this article, as well as a number of tips for parents of preschoolers.

The admission of a toddler to primary school is an important stage in the life of a family. Parents should understand that not every child is easy to learn to read, learn math and languages, and coercion can cause stress. But if you approach the process correctly, find specialists who will be able to interest the baby and teach him to value his own time, then by the time he enters an educational institution, the child will be ready physically and mentally. 

Basic skills and abilities of a child 6-7 years old

The main question that parents of future first-graders ask teachers of preparatory courses concerns what a preschooler should know and be able to do by the time he enrolls in grade 1.

Among the basic skills that will allow the child to easily start learning reading, writing and mathematics, experts rank the following skills:

  • listen to a teacher or educator;
  • more than 20 minutes to study at the table;
  • quickly switch from task to task;
  • anwser the questions;
  • focus on the learning object.

According to teachers, a child who enters grade 1 should name:

  • your personal data, names of parents and family members;
  • the names of several trees, flowers, some shrubs;
  • geometric figures;
  • days of the week, seasons and months.

In addition, the child should list several professions, say their home address, and describe the object, picture or event in several sentences. When assessing the level of preparation for school, teachers are usually asked to name a few favorite fairy tales and read an excerpt from a poem.To further develop the child, use which develops creative thinking very well. If a child is taught correct writing from the very beginning, then he will be good at writing good written works in the future. It's good if the kid knows the alphabet and numbers, carry out simple math operations and be able to compose simple stories.

The main skill that you need to master for school is the ability to handle scissors. As for the preparation of the hand for writing, during testing, the child will have to complete simple graphic tasks, including shading, painting drawings without going beyond the contours, as well as drawing straight lines and circles.

When testing, teachers also conduct a survey, the purpose of which is to identify the logical abilities of the baby, memory and attentiveness. To help your child be attentive there is someone write my paper for me that will help keep attention on a specific topic. This will teach your child how to be mindful. Often, when conducting such tests, babies are asked to blind or draw an object, create an appliqué from geometric shapes, or assemble a simple puzzle. When entering schools with in-depth study of a foreign language, a survey is required and the level of knowledge in the subject is assessed.

Tips for parents

According to the current regulations, children who are 6 years and 6 months old as of September 1 of the school year are admitted to grade 1. And that is why most psychologists and teachers recommend starting preparatory classes according to the traditional one-year program when the child reaches the age of 5. At this age, most children are already ready to perceive a large amount of information.

Institutions that practice work according to the Montessori and Doman methods and teaching reading according to Zaitsev begin training children at the age of 2 years.

When choosing an institution in which the kid will comprehend the basics of the school curriculum, attention should be paid to educational methods. For quality child education, you need to stock up on good resources. For example, a very good resource is research paper writer services that will help your child learn. If you choose a good establishment and you have this resource, it will serve you very well. It is optimal to find an institution in which training will be carried out in the format of an exciting game. This approach will allow the preschooler to acquire new knowledge and skills in a comfortable environment.

During the game, you can teach the child to read, count, and also present information about the world around him. Physical education and creativity lessons, which are complemented by music lessons, allow you to defuse the situation and change the type of load.

The main advice to parents: in order to achieve success, experienced psychologists advise to exclude the word "must" from the vocabulary, and use "you can" in a conversation with a child. And they also advise entrusting the education and preparation for school to specialists.

Teachers and educators of the network of licensed institutions of preschool education and primary schools "Mandarinka" possess unique techniques and can teach a child in a playful way:

  • reading;
  • letter;
  • foreign languages;
  • and the basic skills that a first grader will need.

All Mandarinka graduates are able to manage their emotions and time, have basic knowledge of basic disciplines and can easily find a common language with their peers. Modern playgrounds, 4 meals a day, teaching foreign languages and child development in STEM and TRIZ allow children to learn to memorize large amounts of information without memorizing, to think outside the box and easily adapt in children's groups.

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